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Other Real Estate Classes

The real estate market is rapidly expanding.  Are you looking to keep pace and stretch your range of service to a relentless amount of clients? My classes will give you the tools needed to master this ever-changing market. I attend: Corporate Conferences, Motivational & Christian Events.

Real Estate Classes

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate

An introductory level course that offers a logical progression to learn Commercial and Investment Real Estate concepts and terminology through practical examples.
Course highlights include:

Learn the “Jargon” of Commercial REALTORS®

Understanding Investment Principles

“User” vs. “Investor” Need

Basic Investment Analysis

Spread Sheet Cash Flow Forecasting

Learn Investment Formulas

Basic mathematical skills and the ability to use a calculator are required. Students must bring their own calculator to the class.

Introduction to Property Management

Introduction to Property Management provides an in-depth overview of property management. The course is appropriate for new employees, existing property staff, career changers, students, and anyone interested in a career in real estate management.
Course highlights include:

Where property managers work, how they fit into the overall real estate industry, and who hires them

 The make-up of the property manager’s team

The knowledge and skill sets necessary to succeed in the profession

The employment and salary outlook for property managers and how they advance in their careers

Real Estate Classes
Real Estate Classes

Commercial and Investment Real Estate: Tools of the Trade

An introductory level course that teaches how to gather the basic information your customers will want to know about the different types of properties. How to market this information and get paid!
Course highlights include:

Understanding Different Types of Properties

Information Gathering – Listing Checklists are Provided

Listing Agreements and Commercial Clauses

Commercial Marketing Practices

Essentials of Real Estate Investment

Essentials of Real Estate Investment examines the current real estate market and describes investment methods, needs, and opportunities. It educates students and professionals on the basics of investing in real estate and can help consumers make better choices when it comes to investing their money in real property. Real estate may provide a profitable alternative for an investor’s portfolio with much of the income sheltered by deductions for operational costs, interest expenses, and depreciation.
Real Estate Classes
Fair Housing

Fair Housing​

It is important to realize Fair Housing laws are very much a part of today’s real estate market. Both Federal and State governments employ “testers” to police the industry. Testing is not considered entrapment and the results are admissible in court. Fair Housing is the law of the land, and even in the face of some apparent exceptions, there is no room for discrimination of any sort in the business of housing.

Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs and Auctions

With the number of homes going into foreclosure and short sales, it is increasingly important for licensees to stay current on these topics to remain competitive and successful in the market. This continuing education title discusses four hot topics in today’s market: foreclosures, short sales, REOs, and auctions. Focusing on the legal ramifications of these topics, this title also reviews ways that agents can successfully market these properties.
Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs and Auctions
Real Estate Classes

Multiply Your Success with Real Estate Assistants

Using real estate assistants can help real estate salespersons and brokers increase production and free up time for sales. Yet most professionals lack the experience and knowledge to hire, train, and supervise a competent assistant. This hands-on guide gets professionals and their assistants up and running with practical advice and dozens of ready-made tools. The text also advises on setting and enforcing office policy, monitoring performance, and providing compensation incentives.

Property Management and Managing Risk

This popular title provides you with an up-to-date introduction to property management with a practical focus on how to comply with regulations and avoid liability. The features include “Liability Alerts” that offer suggestions for avoiding liability from both owners and tenants, as well as case studies, key terms, learning objectives, review questions, answer keys, and a glossary.

Real Estate Classes

Discovering Commercial Real Estate

This course offers a broad overview of the basics of commercial real estate and how it differs from residential real estate. Students will be able to distinguish and understand the broker’s role and discover the different types of commercial properties, terms, valuation methods, marketing and resources for further education.
While it will not equip an agent with the needed tools to practice commercial real estate, it will explain the business and introduce many of the resources needed to pursue a commercial transaction or a career in commercial real estate. This is an ideal introductory course for those who are newly licensed and/or residential agents who want to learn more about commercial real estate.
What You Will Learn in the Discovering Commercial Real Estate Course:

· The duties of professionals who assist in commercial transactions

· The key differences between commercial and residential real estate

· Types of commercial real estate (Office, Retail, Industrial and Land)

· Types of commercial transactions

· Commercial contracts

· Resources that NAR’s Commercial Department and its affiliates provide

Understanding 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges

This continuing education title explores the history, evolution, rules, and forms of the strategy used to defer tax liability until a later date. Loaded with real‐life examples and calculations, this text allows agents to learn the vocabulary and application of tax‐free exchanges so they are better able to answer client questions. A recent review of content ensures students will receive the most up‐to‐date material.
Real Estate Classes